Monday, October 15, 2012

Product: Jason Thin to Thick Hair Products

Rewind to a few blog posts ago, when I was ranting about this. And then fast forward to now, when I will review Jason Thin to Thick hair products.

It was a time when I was almost crying as I was combing my hair, because it's clearly thinning out and I was afraid I'm going bald. Although more often than not, I struggle with a frizzy, it-has-a-life-of-its-own mane, I don't want to lose a single strand of it - and certainly not all of it. I'd choose frizzy over nothing any time.

And as sick and lifeless and hopeless as my hair was then, I just knew that subjecting it to chemical-laden hair products will do more harm than good. So if I didn't want to try out the commercial miracle hair growers and none of the local natural shampoos and conditioners will do the job, I thought maybe I should check out the "imported" natural ones. And Healthy Options is the best place to find just that.

Jason Thin to Thick easily caught my eye because in a shelf full of organic hair products, it's packaging looked the least "organic" of all. I saw a small ad where it is lauded as an effective hair-thickening product by a men's magazine, so I figured the target market for these products are the balding male species. And being natural, they boast of not having parabens, SLS or phthalates. Sounds good enough.

There are three products - extra volume shampoo and conditioner, and energizing scalp elizir and it is recommended to use all three for best results. But you can buy each separately for P475. All three would set you back by almost P1,500.

According to the label of the shampoo and conditioner, they contain biotins, panthenol and natural proteins that help strengthen and volumize fine hair, while the scalp elixir has biotins, folic acid and lactic acid that revitalize the scalp for healthy growth.

All products are mentholated and I thought my head was on fire when I used the shampoo and conditioner for the first time. It felt good actually. Both the shampoo and conditioner have thick white consistency, with the conditioner almost like whipped cream. The scent was manly, but okay. My only gripe was the bottles, probably because they're suitable for men's strong grip, were hard to squeeze.

The scalp elixir is even more minty. The instruction on the bottle says to apply on the scalp at night and let it stay overnight. But since I'm just at home most of the time, I applied it as soon as I stepped out from the shower. I squeezed lines of elixir on areas where I have thin hair and massaged it on the scalp for a few minutes. Then I wash it off when I take a bath the following day.

It's a little sticky and leaves white flakes on the scalp when it dries, but it's not itchy. It smells "medicated", others may find it off, but it's not bothersome at all for me.

So, it is effective? I used this trio for more than a month. The shampoo lasted longer than the conditioner, which lasted a little longer than the elixir. Due to the degree of my falling hair, I really splurged on the elixir.

First thing I noticed after the first week of use: my falling hair was reduced by almost 80%. Honest. I measured it by the amount of hair that collects on the bathroom drain after every bath, and the amount of hair on our bedroom floor and the amount of hair on my hand when I ran my fingers through my hair. There's definitely a visible and significant decrease.

Second thing I noticed, and why I didn't go easy on the elixir: my hair was growing back. I'll let the photos below show proof.

I took a photo of my hair on the first day that I used Jason Thin to Thick. These were taken March 23.

Then I took photos again after I used up the products (by this time, I'm on my second bottle of the scalp elixir). These were taken April 28, a little more than a month later.

I used one bottle of shampoo and two of the conditioner and scalp elixir. They lasted for about a month and a half. I stopped using them after that because they're so expensive and because I feel they've done well already. I don't have problems with falling hair anymore and the new growths are now thicker and longer.

But here's a disclaimer. The extremeness of my falling hair was due to thyroiditis and it's possible that as my thyroid gland got better (my function test results are all normal now), the falling hair got fewer. But I still believe that the Jason Thin to Thick shampoo and conditioner helped in reducing the falling strands. I also believe, and with more conviction, that the scalp elixir was largely responsible for all the newly grown hair.

So if you want to try, go to the nearast Healthy Options branch. I'm not sure if you can buy it elsewhere.


  1. Hi, i also lose a lot of hair esp. in the shower, and i do mean lots. How were you diagnosed as having thyroiditis? What was your treatment? Any tips on dos and donts?

  2. Hi Kay,

    I had other symptoms, more specifically a bulging neck so I went to see an Endocrinologist. I underwent different tests, blood work, scan and RAI uptake. That's how I learned I have thyroiditis. I was given Tapdin and Prednisone during my hypo phase. When I started going into hyper phase, I decided to take Bee Propolis from Ilog Maria. My thyroid hormones normalized and I'm not taking any medication at the moment. But I need to have my blood checked every six months to monitor the thyroid hormones.

    DO's: If you suspect you have thyroid problems, go to an Endo, not an IM, not an ENT. My Endo's advice, "You can eat anything, just avoid stress."

    so DONT's: Avoid stress

    Also, for DO's, eat healthy and exercise. Basic stuff, but they help a lot.

  3. Thanks. Would you mind if I ask for the name of your Endo? And where to find him? Btw, how much did it cost you (tests and all that)? TIA

  4. Hi Kay, she's Dra. Cecilia Gonzales sa Asian Hospital. I had the test done at UMPC-PGH, kasi mas mura than Asian. Almost 7k for all the test if I remember correctly.

  5. Hi Ms. Sheng! Did you use the elixir everyday?

  6. Hi Ms. Sheng! Did you use the elixir everyday?